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Morning Song Foundation

Enriching Lives

Morning Song Foundation brings positive impact in the lives of the elderly and their caregivers through good elder care practises. We empower the aged, ease and enrich their ageing process by addressing their concerns. Our elder care solutions are holistic, promote healthy ageing and support the elderly and their families navigate chronic conditions like dementia. We focus on creating awareness, access and affordability in eldercare by offering newer, superior geriatric care solutions.

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Our Purpose

At Morning Song Foundation we are driven by the desire to help ensure that in their golden years, the elderly remain healthy, engaged, productive and happy. Elders, who have loved and nurtured us as we grew up and learnt the art of living. They shared the best years of their lives in equipping us to live a good life, and in their twilight years need our consideration, care, affection and help. This we do through our initiatives to make available eldercare skills at scale.

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What we do

Morning Song Foundation is an eldercare platform enabling graceful ageing and reducing the impact of debilitating diseases like dementia. We offer evidence based elder care programs to promote brain health, cognitive and emotional wellness. Our programs are engaging and interactive that rejuvenates the body and mind.

Our care management solutions promote social connections, creative engagements and recreation and through these activities the aged find joy and gain all round health. A positive, participative approach enables independence and comfort in the elderly, thereby improving their quality of life.

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Age Care Programs 

Making A Difference

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Active Ageing of the Elderly

Seniors get to socialize in small get togethers, participate in group activities to have fun and play games. This overcomes loneliness, ensures cognitive health, and creates emotional bonds. Creative engagement, hobbies and recreation are pillars of brain health which lead to healthy and active ageing.

Caregiver Empowerment

Families of older persons often seek knowledge and experience to handle complex, irreversible conditions like dementia. We provide up to date tools and methods for caregivers to coordinate care effectively with better health outcomes.
Aging causes innumerable difficulties and complexities. Providing the desired level of care can make the process simpler; elders can live better, feel better! It reduces health care costs too. This program prepares caregivers to overcome unforeseen challenges of ageing of your loved one and handle them with expertise and calmness.



Seniors  can explore the opportunity to share their experiences , hobbies and skills with young volunteers keeping themselves mentally fit and socially engaged.

Overcoming Caregiver Stress

Care giving can be very demanding and exhausting due to the complexities associated with ageing. This is true both for the primary (family) as well as the secondary caregiver. It is essential to be able to take respite from fatigue and balance other responsibilities. This program provides the tools and techniques for caregiver health and satisfaction.

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Training Professional Caregivers

  • Profile of a caregiver

  •  Roles and responsibilities of a caregiver

  •  Care qualifications

  •  Developing care skills

  •  Assessing care needs and preparing care plans

  • Updates and reports

  •  Career options and opportunities for caregivers

"There are four kinds of people in this world. You are either a care giver, or you've been a care giver, or you will be a care giver or you will need a care giver. ”

Rosalyn Carter 

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